Destruction of Forest at C. Morley Park, Nassau County, N.Y.

(Fought Destruction of Core of recreational forest in County park to build pollution-treatment facility — “Air Stripper” — Despite Absence Of Proper Environmental Review )

Mobilized hundreds of residents and users of County park to oppose installation of pollution treatment facility in center of popular pristine recreational forest;

Recruited two neighboring families to place names on lawsuit and finance legal challenge;

Performed forensic analysis of approval process at four levels of New York government to expose failure to follow basic environmental-review requirements;

Testified and Mobilized support of environmental and political groups (Sierra Club and Green Party) to protest and testify against project;

Lobbied State Legislature and Governor to reject permission to “alienate parkland”;

Appealed to all levels of State judiciary then to U.S. Supreme Court when State courts rejected “standing” of park users and residents.