Holley (N.Y.) Fire Department Annual Squirrel-Hunting Contest

(Originated and prosecuted legal challenge to charitable squirrel ‘killing-contest’, molding nationally-publicized animal-rights outrage into concrete action)

Originated novel legal theory to challenge mass-hunt of squirrels during breeding season;

Adopted issue after national outcry over the “squirrel slam” contest;

Single-handedly organized opponents to finance legal action and logistics when national animal-welfare groups abandoned issue after ineffectual protest demonstrations;

Recruited local plaintiff and integrally prepared legal papers;

Made multiple 800-mile trips to work with plaintiff and media, to file lawsuit and to file preliminary appeal;

Recruited West-coast animal rights group to adopt the issue and in turn recruit Park Avenue corporate law firm to pursue the case pro bono;

Created legal theories of national significance — applying environmental-review rules to mass-hunting-contests.

(Pending as of March, 2018)